A’Zoe Enterprises, LLC is a family owned company, founded in 2005 as a Georgia Corporation located in Mableton, GA. We have revolutionized the old fashioned way of baking cornbread. Our company has created a special blend of frozen products that are marketed under the trade name of Grandma’s Gourmet Quick & Easy Cornbread Batter. Our products are manufactured in our very own facility located at 705 S. Gordon Road, Mableton, Georgia.

I began the research and development of “Grandma’s Gourmet Quick & Easy Cornbread Batter” one day when I wanted some cornbread to go with my vegetables, but I was too tired to cook it. Baking homemade cornbread is time consuming and requires a lot of work. I had to gather all the ingredients, measure, mix, bake and wait. Before Grandma’s Gourmet, I could never be sure if the taste would be as delicious as it was the last time. I began with one frozen cornbread batter; and since developed five delicious flavors of cornbread, a moist delicious Cornbread Dressing and Sweet Potato Pie Filling.

The inspiration to market Grandma’s Gourmet Quick & Easy Cornbread Batter was to save cooks time in the kitchen, and my desire to expose at-risk children to a God-Kind of Life. A portion of the funds generated from the sale of Grandma’s Gourmet Quick & Easy Cornbread Batter will be used to fund the Bread for Life Transformation Center, a non-profit recreation center for children free of cost. Our mission is to market and sell frozen products at a level that the world is not familiar with, all for the Glory of God.

Thank you for your time and interest in our products. Please pick up a bottle today, don’t delay. We guarantee you will enjoy Grandma’s Gourmet Quick & Easy Cornbread Batter.