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Meet Our Founder & CEO – Shirley Batchelor

A Memphis native, Shirley grew up in a large, low-income family where her mother’s delicious and affordable cornbread accompanied most meals. Through her brand, Grandma’s Gourmet Quick and Easy Cornbread — the only “Thaw, Shake, Pour and Bake,” cornbread on the market, Shirley’s product is an innovator in the industry available through several national retailers, including Walmart and Whole Foods.

Rewind a few years ago: Shirley appeared on “Shark Tank” seeking investment for her business, but turned down an offer from the sharks because of their strong feedback that she needed to learn more about business. That’s when she found Operation HOPE, participating in our Small Business Development Program. Today she owns the facility that manufactures the brand’s seven products, and has created the means to support her youth outreach efforts in underserved communities.

We currently offer 7 delicious varieties to satisfy any appetite!







Old Fashioned Taste without the mess!

Frozen, Complete & Ready to Bake

Available throughout Georgia and South Carolina!

Grandma’s Gourmet Quick & Easy Cornbread Batter is unique and revolutionary. It is the first frozen retail premixed cornbread batter sold frozen and complete and ready to bake. There is nothing for the consumer to add—no eggs, no milk, no oil, and no mixing, or stirring or extra dishes to wash.

Grandma’s Gourmet Quick & Easy Cornbread Batter saves you shopping time and cooking time by reducing your shopping list and eliminating the task of preparation. Now, instead of buying 12 items to bake delicious, old fashioned cornbread all the consumer has to do is buy Grandma’s Gourmet Quick and Easy Cornbread Batter—then “Thaw, Shake, Pour and Bake.”

Grandma’s Gourmet Quick & Easy Cornbread Batter product line consists of five delicious cornbread flavors, Original, Old Fashioned Buttermilk, Jalapeno, Whole Grain and Whole Grain Jalapeño.